Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: What It Is & How To Make Money

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners What It Is  How To Make Money

Affiliate marketing helps you make money selling other people's stuff.

Complete beginner? All you need is a website.

Got a business? Add it as an additional revenue stream.

In this article, we'll explore:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • How you can start making money

What Is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people's products in exchange for a commission on sales.

Commissions range from 5%, all the way to 30% and more!

The affiliate marketing industry is growing by 10% year over year - even affiliate marketing for beginners!

Sounds too good to be true, right?

All you do is share a link, and you get money coming in every month?

Not quite.

Most advertisers only pay affiliates per sale.

Even if the customer makes 100 purchases, most affiliates will only pay you for the first sale.

Some affiliate partners give you a few months, or even a year of commissions - but this is very rare.

AtOnce is one of the rare exceptions (we offer LIFETIME commissions), so our affiliates get paid recurring commissions for as long as possible.

Why Would Advertisers Run An Affiliate Program?

  • Minimal risk
  • No need to develop content
  • No overhead costs required
  • They can add it to their existing marketing
  • They get more leads without doing extra work

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money from your existing audience, without having to make your own product/service

Quick overview:

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to make money from the people that visit your website or social media.

It's a cost-effective & low-risk way to promote other people's products and services.

With the right strategy and implementation, affiliate marketing can be a great way to get sales and profits.

Some vendors will even offer lifetime commissions to affiliates, helping you make money for years on end.

Why Should You Join An Affiliate Marketing Program?

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for those looking to make money online.

Affiliate marketing for beginners provides an easy way for people to get started with minimal risk, thanks to its low start-up costs and lack of inventory requirements.

4 Key Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners:

  • Flexible Hours - Affiliate marketers can work as much or as little as they want since
  • There's no set schedule required when joining an affiliate program.
  • You can work during your free time while still making sales!

  • Scalability Potential – With affiliate marketing, you have tremendous scalability potential if done correctly —
  • Earnings can grow exponentially
  • You don't need to invest in additional resources on the front end like employees or infrastructure upgrades.
  • You just need more traffic and better conversion rates

  • High Margins -
  • Affiliate marketing requires little to no upfront investment
  • Tend to have higher profit margins than traditional businesses
  • Small overhead costs (such as rent, warehousing, etc)
  • Won’t be responsible for storage costs, shipping fees or credit card processing charges.

  • Low Risk - As previously mentioned, one major benefit is the limited financial risk involved because there’s typically no inventory needed and no employees needed to start.
Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online with minimal risk and low start-up costs.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing

Understand Your Goals

First and foremost, think through why you want to start affiliate marketing for beginners?

Is it so you can pay the bills? Rent? Groceries?

Buy a new car?

Live the life of your dreams?

What are your goals?

Once you have clear, defined goals, you need to figure out how to achieve them.

You need to do so much work that it would be impossible for you to not be successful.

Making Unique Content To Get Sales

The most common form of affiliate marketing for beginners is writing blog posts.

These can be reviews:

Affiliate Marketing Example

Or even entire sites

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The key to affiliate marketing for beginners:

  1. Find the type of products you're going to sell
  2. Find really expensive products that have a high conversion rate
  3. Pick 10 to 20 affiliate products to start with
  4. Write 10 to 30 blog posts for each product

If you do this instead, you will fail:

  1. Pick a random product
  2. Find really cheap products to sell
  3. Stick with only 1 affiliate product
  4. Write 5 blog posts, and quit 2 weeks later

Sounds stupid, right? Unfortunately, that's what most people do.

Most people switch between 1 business model and the next every few years, and wonder why they're not successful.

When in reality, you can make money in any industry.

  • There are multi-million roofing companies.
  • And trash companies.
  • And pet companies.
  • And affiliate marketing companies.
  • And dropshippers.
  • And everything else.

The problem is not the business model. Oftentimes, you're simply not doing enough. Or you're doing the wrong things.

First, you must believe.

And then, you must do so much work, on the highest leverage part of your business... that it would be unreasonable to not make money.

If you build something that compounds (like making a blog)... you will get rewards for years to come.

If you spend all day answering emails, it's unlikely to compound.

If you spend $10 on Facebook ads and it doesn't work... Facebook wasn't the problem.

In all labor there is profit, But idle chatter leads only to poverty.

Now... the fun stuff:

Setting Up Your Website & Blog

I'm going to save you some time.

Most people worry too much about the things that don't matter.

"What should I name my website?"

The answer...

No one cares

You're not building a multi-billion company yet.

  • You can change the website name later.
  • You can make a better logo.
  • You can find a new website hosting provider.

These things aren't permanent.

The key is speed. Action. Consistency.

The important question: What will get you the most website visitors in the least amount of time?

For now, you can use WordPress and Dreamhost to setup your website. Pretty much everyone uses it.

It will probably cost you $60 to $100 per year.

You can find cheaper versions, but who cares?

You want to make $10,000 per month and beyond. What's a $60 expense?

I want you to be successful. I don't want you to waste your time.

Get WordPress and DreamHost setup, create your affiliate marketing site, and let's get going.

  • Your website name doesn't matter
  • No one cares about your logo
  • The most important thing is writing blog posts

Choosing The Right Ad Platforms And Networks

Google, Facebook, or YouTube?

When it comes to affiliate marketing for beginners, choosing the right advertisement platforms and networks is crucial.

Best for Beginners:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Posting on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

More Advanced:

  • Making YouTube videos
  • Facebook ads
  • Google search ads
  • Pay-per-click campaigns on other websites
  • Display advertising (banners)

No matter which platform or networks you choose, the most important thing is to focus your efforts in one place and build a strong presence there.

Once you gain traction with that network, then it’s time to branch out into new platforms.

Start small and scale up once you have proven success!

This guide will be focusing on blog posts, since I believe it's the most sustainable way to get traffic for years.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs and networks.

Top 3 affiliate marketing for beginners networks and programs I recommend signing up to:

  1. AtOnce's Affiliate Program
  2. ClickBank
  3. Digistore24

Those are the best, and will make you the most money.

If you want to make the most money in the least amount of time, sell business products:

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Statistics

Creating Compelling Content For Your Website

The key to making money with your affiliate website is creating compelling content.

This not only attracts potential customers, but it also motivates them to take action and buy the products you’re promoting.

Here are a few tips for creating content that drives sales:

Creating Quality Content

1. Make sure it solves a problem or answers questions your target audience may have.

Use research from surveys, consumer feedback and analytics data to better understand what people in your niche need help with most.

Doing so will increase the chances of success as people are more likely to trust an article that features solutions they’re looking for.

2. Focus on quality over quantity when writing content about products or services you’re promoting through affiliate marketing links.

Include detailed descriptions of features that explain why these items are beneficial and how this can add value into someone's life if purchased now rather than later (or never).

Highlighting exclusive deals/promotions is another great way to entice readers too!

3. Use visuals whenever possible – images speak louder than words!

  • Add screenshots of product reviews written by expert sources
  • Embed videos explaining how something works
  • Create charts/graphs comparing different models side-by-side
Anything visual can help break up text sections while simultaneously drawing attention directly towards the item being promoted — which ultimately leads back to affiliate link click-throughs & purchases made!

4. Format your text properly

  • Include bullet points
  • Add ordered lists
  • Add highlights & blockquotes
  • Add bolds, underlines, italics
  • Add headings, subheadings

5. Add your keywords 30+ times to rank #1 on Google:

There are hundreds of articles about SEO. Find SEO case studies on google, and look at those. SEO is a complicated game. Try to find your biggest competitors, and copy them.

  • Copy the layout, style, tone, titles, everything.
  • And then change the style & edit titles so they're unique.
  • Copy first. Then improve.

Other Steps to Consider

Here are some other steps one should consider when creating compelling content:

  • Leverage affiliate marketing for beginners tools: product comparison tables, product reviews, and product ratings.
  • Include affiliate links in the content, but make sure they are relevant and not too intrusive.
  • Promote the content on social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Establishing An Effective Tracking System

Who Clicked My Affiliate Links?

Establishing an effective tracking system is essential for success in affiliate marketing for beginners.

Without a reliable system to measure your results, it can be difficult to tell which campaigns are successful and which need improvement.

Having the right setup in place will save time and money while helping you maximize conversions.

The first step is determining what kind of tracking software you’ll use. Popular choices include Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, ClickBank Pro Tracker, LeadDyno or ThriveCart – but there are many others available too.
You should pick one that best fits your needs considering cost versus features offered as well as compatibility with any other apps related plugins or services you might use on your website or blog platform.

Next up is actually setting up the tracking code so it works properly on whatever pages or posts where links to products/services appear (or could show up).

Tracking typically involves:

  • “tagging” each link associated with a product
  • pasting special snippets of HTML into specific sections of your site

Your affiliate programs will usually have a complete guide.

Most times, it's as simple as adding a few links to your posts.

Analyzing Results & Improving Your Strategies: How To Scale Your Affiliate Program

Analyzing Results & Improving Your Strategies

Aside from analyzing existing results, it's also important to figure out what kind of analysis will be needed in order to improve your strategies.

To do this, you need to look at the data from various sources such as analytics software and customer feedback.

This can help identify areas that need improvement so that you can make adjustments accordingly.

When it comes to understanding how customers are interacting with your affiliate marketing program and website, there are several key metrics you should focus on:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rates (CR)
  • Earnings per click (EPC)

By monitoring these metrics regularly, you'll get a better sense of which tactics work best for driving traffic and conversions over time.

The bigger the number, the better (generally).

If you have 10+ affiliate programs, you'll be able to quickly see:

  • What type of content works
  • Which products are the most profitable
  • How to save your money and waste less time

Additionally, implementing A/B testing can allow further insights into user behaviour so that specific changes or tweaks might tested against one another before launching them fully across campaigns or product pages.

Understanding How To Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Maybe you're getting tired of writing blog posts. It's likely time to hire an in-house writer or a freelancer to do your work for you.

AtOnce helps with this... and literally everything. The best tool for affiliate marketing for beginners.

We help you write blog posts, articles, and everything else.

For example, manually writing this blog post would have taken me 5 hours.

With AtOnce, it's taken 30 minutes.

It would've been quicker... but this post is 6000+ words.

AtOnce Affiliate Marketing

Save 90% of your time with AtOnce

Or maybe you're finding success with over-the-top YouTube videos to promote products - why not scale up and start a vlog?

Scaling your affiliate marketing program can involve:

  • increasing the number of offers (which often requires more resources)
  • diversifying into different types of content

For example, if you've had success on Twitter,

it might be time to invest in an ad platform like AdWords or Facebook Ads for increased reach & visibility.

Alternatively, setting up email newsletters could prove beneficial by allowing for additional touchpoints and cross selling customers on different products.

Setting Up Payment Options

Getting Paid With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative and rewarding, but it can also be complicated.

One of the most important elements to consider when starting affiliate marketing for beginners is setting up payment options.

With the right payment platform in place, you can make sure that everything goes smoothly and both parties get paid as promised.

First and foremost, merchants have to evaluate which payment processor works best for their needs.
There are a number of popular processors out there such as PayPal or Stripe; however they all offer different features at different price points so do research before committing to one.

As an affiliate marketer you should find out what kind of payments the merchant is offering - do they accept credit cards?

Are ACH transfer available?

Find out about commission payout schedule - how often will you receive money for leads or sales generated through your email campaigns?

It's essential that this information is provided upfront otherwise problems may arise later on during payouts.

Next step after selecting a suitable processor would be setting up necessary account details like bank accounts numbers if direct deposit desired etc.

Handling Customer Service And Refunds

Customer Service & Refunds

Handling customer service and refunds is an important part of running any business, even for affiliate marketing for beginners.

As a beginner affiliate marketer, it’s essential to have the right systems in place to process transactions without delays or mistakes.

First, consider what kind of service you can provide customers related to products that may need warranty work or for general inquiries about returns and exchanges.

You should make sure your partners (merchants) offer satisfactory customer support options before putting their products up for sale on your site.

If not, this will likely reflect negatively on you as an affiliate marketer when reviews are written by unsatisfied customers who had difficulty obtaining assistance from the merchant themselves because they weren't properly represented through your marketing efforts.

You must also familiarize yourself with all product warranties and policies concerning non-refundable items...

So that there are no surprises later down the line as far as handling refunds go - ask questions if anything seems unclear - be proactive!

Knowing how long it takes merchants to deliver orders after payment is received is important too.

With more advanced tracking tools available today, affiliates can now track packages seamlessly -

Without losing out on revenue due to delayed fulfillment times either caused by defective merchandise or slow delivery services.

  • Ensure appropriate resources are made for great customer service
  • Take complete ownership of miscommunication between merchant & buyer When applicable
  • Check terms & conditions clearly before signing up
  • Accurately track packages with automated shipping software

By following these steps, you can ensure that your affiliate marketing business is providing the best customer service and refunds possible.

Staying relevant with affiliate marketing trends is an important part of the success you can have.

When you become familiar and informed about industry developments, you will be more equipped to handle changes that come your way and modify plans accordingly.

This helps keep your message fresh and expanding, while being able to deliver quality content at a faster rate as soon as it’s needed.

The biggest mistake anyone in this business can make is not having their finger on the pulse of what consumers are looking for - especially when they’re unaware of something until its popularity explodes into full view.

A successful marketer must have one eye out ahead, constantly doing research on what upcoming things customers may want or need so they don't miss out altogether by waiting too long to begin affiliate marketing it after everyone else does first.

Having speed-on-your side also means observing competitors – see how well their campaigns do or fail – determine why things didn't go according to plan (and if anything should be avoided).

Analyzing customer reactions from other marketers influences greatly how yours could turn out based off similar practices used prior.

It's helpful insight gaining knowledge from others mistakes rather than experiencing them yourself - even sometimes beneficial taking a page from someone else's book so-to-speak!

Tips for Staying Relevant

  • Make sure all promotional activities take note of any trends driving interest in products/services
  • Utilize resources like Google Trends & Twitter analytics reports
  • Follow influencers
By staying ahead of the curve, you can ensure that your affiliate marketing campaigns are successful and that you are able to capitalize on the latest opportunities.

Generating Leads Through Online Communities

Nurturing Relationships

Nurture relationships over time with honest, genuine intentions – chances are when it comes time to ask to promote an opportunity/product or service,

They will reciprocate the kindness given earlier and actually made a difference in the lifespan of the connection rather than disappearing without a trace after one post!

Pay attention to analytics and measure success of interactions on each platform on an individual basis and adjust accordingly depending on where yields the best returns naturally over time.

Aim to maximize, opening up further opportunities to generate future sales effectively and become an automated process eventually leaving it to make money all on its own.

  • Join Facebook Groups, Reddit Forums & Twitter
  • Share useful content
  • Use email capture forms
  • Nurture relationships
  • Pay attention to analytics

Generating leads online through community platforms is a great way to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground.

With the right approach, you can quickly find success in this area.

First and foremost, joining relevant communities is key for generating leads from these sources.

You should look for those that contain people who are likely interested in what you have to offer as an affiliate marketer or someone looking to start out with this type of work.

This includes forums related to your niche and social media groups related to or featuring people discussing topics within it as well.

Once you’ve found yourself some places full of potential customers, start interacting genuinely but strategically by sharing useful content pertaining not only directly but indirectly too

Do more than just share links back straight away if possible; instead provide value upfront

Give helpful advice on questions asked around support in general etc.

Furthermore, be sure to use tools such as email capture forms wisely when mentioning promotions,

So they don’t miss out once ready to purchase something made aware to them via organic fanning of the flame - everything direct, no middle man!

Maximizing Revenue With Cross Promotions

The Benefits of Cross-Promotions

Affiliate marketing for beginners can be a highly lucrative venture, with the potential for significant returns; however, mastering how to maximize revenue from it is essential.

One of the most effective ways to boost your earnings through affiliate marketing is by using cross-promotions on your email list.

Cross-promotions involve promoting other merchants’ products and services to your email subscribers, in exchange for a commission.

The beauty of this approach is that you can expand beyond just offering affiliates products.

Cross promotions are an opportunity to engage with customers at a deeper level by collaborating with different brands and businesses related to the niche you operate within.

In particular, it helps build trust between both parties – as the customer knows they will be receiving quality recommendations from someone who understands their needs & wants more accurately than most.

This increases potential sales volume due to better targeting based off what's already known about them - resulting higher conversion rates overall too!

Growing Your Audience Through Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Affiliate Marketers

Content marketing is an effective way to create attention and interest in your products or services as an affiliate marketer.

At its core, content marketing involves creating high quality articles, videos, podcasts, infographics and other types of content that appeal to a particular audience.

When done properly, it can help you reach more potential customers and build relationships with them over time.

3 ways you can use content marketing to grow your audience:

  • Build Trust & Authority: High quality pieces of educational-type content help position yourself or brand as trustworthy experts which will unavoidably lead to increased engagement from people who consume the material consistently.
  • Aim for providing valuable information that appeals directly towards prospective buyers instead of just concentrating on pushing sales
  • It’s still important to speak highly about what you're promoting/selling occasionally so they don't forget why they came across your site in the first place!

  • Increase Visibility Through SEO Optimization: High quality posts make you rank higher in search. But only if you add the right keywords.
  • Add long-tail keywords - find keywords where people are looking to buy your products. E.g. "Best AtOnce Alternatives" and create articles for those
  • Don't be spammy - Adding keywords, e.g. "affiliate marketing for beginners" too often can potentially harm your rankings & visibility in google
  • Focus on your brand - Write high-quality content that increases your credibility and brand reputation
  • Get topical authority - After you write 100+ blog posts on a topic, you'll find that most of them rank high in Google search. This is because you'll eventually become a trusted authority in Google's eyes.

  • Use Social Media: Social media platforms are a great way to reach out to potential customers and build relationships with them.
  • Share your content and engage with your audience.
  • Promote your content and drive more traffic to your website.
Content marketing is an effective way to create attention and interest in your products or services as an affiliate marketer.

When done correctly, content marketing can be a powerful tool to help you reach more potential customers and build relationships with them over time.

By creating high quality content, optimizing it for SEO, and using social media platforms, you can increase your visibility and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

By leveraging the power of affiliate marketing and content marketing, you can reach more potential customers and build relationships with them over time.

With the right strategy, you can create content that appeals to your target audience and drive more traffic to your website.

Making The Decision To Outsource Or Hire In House

Cost Considerations

Making the decision to outsource or hire in-house is a big one.

The success of affiliate marketing for beginners is first about your speed and execution time. Then, it hinges on having the right team behind it.

When deciding whether you should build an internal staff or bring in contractors to do the job

There are a few factors to consider:

1. Cost: How Much Can You Afford?

How much money do you have for both permanent employees as well as any outsourcing fees?

Outsourcing can reduce upfront start-up costs significantly compared with hiring full time workers, which could make it more attractive from a budget perspective.

At the same time however, long term expenses could become higher if contractor rates exceed what would be paid for salaried positions over extended periods of time.

2. Performance Expectations

The second thing that needs to be evaluated is turnaround times and performance expectations;

Some jobs may require expertise that cannot easily found outside (niche freelance writers).

In such cases, hiring specialized talent might represent not only a quicker solution but also less capital intensive option than building capacity internally through extensive training programs.

Additionally keep in mind scalability requirements: how many freelancers will you have to hire, train and fire before you find the right ones?

3. Automation Processes

Finally ask yourself what impact will automation processes play into this equation: some tasks are simply easier and faster performed by outsourcing than by hiring full-time employees.

  • Better software can reduce upfront start-up costs significantly.
  • Software developers hired as freelancers will likely have more difficulty managing enterprise grade programming architectures.

Using AI & Automation To Streamline Processes

Using Automation to Streamline Processes

Using automation to streamline processes can be a great way for affiliate marketers to maximize their efficiency.

Automation helps make marketing tasks more efficient, allowing you to focus on higher value activities and freeing up time for other projects or responsibilities.

Through automating repetitive tasks like email campaigns and social media post scheduling, an affiliate marketer can not only increase the speed at which they produce results but also improve accuracy.

Another great benefit of utilizing automation is increased scalability.

As your business grows so does the number of tasks that need completing.

With automated processes in place this makes it easier for entrepreneurs to scale operations as demand increases without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Additionally, automation can help reduce human errors by creating fewer steps where mistakes are likely made compared to manual task completion methods.

For those just starting out in affiliate marketing, certain automated tools may require minimal setup costs while providing extensive assistance when using them correctly – meaning optimization happens quickly (with little effort).

  • Research Tools – Gain insights into buyer demographics & interests
  • Bookmarking & Tagging Software – Create organized records of customer data
  • Marketing Automation Services – Get real-time notifications about leads
  • Email Marketing Platforms – Turn visitors into leads, nurture them, and eventually turn them into customers

Using AI to Write Affiliate Posts Quicker

AtOnce can help you write your blog posts, review posts & social media posts quicker.

We give you first drafts in 2 minutes. After 10 minutes of editing, you can easily publish these.

Just add photos, your own formatting & publish.

That's all there is to it.

Affiliate Marketing Blog Guide

Next Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

1. Join AtOnce's affiliate program, ClickBank & DigiStore24

  • We pay 30% commissions for life
  • It's the easiest product to promote
  • We help everyone save 90% of their time

2. Create your own website (if you don't have one already)

3. Find your first 10 to 20 products to promote

4. Start writing 10 blog posts per day, for the next 2 months

5. Optimize each blog post for the best keywords (find these using tools like Keywords Everywhere,

6. Wait a few months. Do it consistently, every day. Be patient, as SEO can take time.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where a business gives you a commission for promoting their products. You usually get an affiliate link with a code that tracks the sale to you. In return for referring the customer, you get paid as an affiliate.

How do I start affiliate marketing?

To start affiliate marketing, you'll need to join a good affiliate program. Once you've joined an affiliate program, you can promote the affiliate products on your website or social media. If users click the affiliate links and end up purchasing within the time period (usually 30 days), you'll get paid a commission for each sale you make.

Can a beginner make money affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can start affiliate marketing if you're a beginner. But do note that it does take time to get results from SEO and affiliate marketing is a long-term game. Don't expect results quickly, as that is very unlikely (since you're competing with 1000s of larger sites promoting the same products).

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