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10 Easy Biscuit Casserole Recipes for Homemade Comfort Food

10 Easy Biscuit Casserole Recipes for Homemade Comfort Food

1. Biscuit Casserole: A Delicious and Comforting Dish

1  biscuit casserole  a delicious and comforting dish

Looking for a warm and comforting meal that is easy to make?

Look no further than biscuit casserole!

This delicious dish combines the flaky goodness of biscuits with a variety of savory ingredients to create a hearty and satisfying meal.

Whether you're cooking for your family or hosting a dinner party, biscuit casserole is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

What is Biscuit Casserole?

Biscuit casserole is a type of baked dish that typically consists of a base layer of biscuits topped with a mixture of meat, vegetables, and cheese.

The biscuits act as a crust, while the filling adds flavor and texture.

Biscuit casserole is often served as a main course, but it can also be enjoyed as a side dish or appetizer.

How to Make Biscuit Casserole

Making biscuit casserole is a breeze!

Here's a simple recipe to get you started:


  • 2 cups of cooked and shredded chicken
  • 1 can of cream of chicken soup
  • 1 cup of frozen mixed vegetables
  • 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 can of refrigerated biscuits
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. In a large bowl, combine the shredded chicken, cream of chicken soup, mixed vegetables, and shredded cheddar cheese. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Transfer the mixture to a greased baking dish.
  4. Arrange the refrigerated biscuits on top of the mixture, covering it completely.
  5. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until the biscuits are golden brown and the filling is bubbly.
  6. Remove from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes before serving.

That's it!

Your delicious biscuit casserole is ready to be enjoyed.

2. Biscuit Casserole Variations: Endless Possibilities

2  biscuit casserole variations  endless possibilities

One of the great things about biscuit casserole is its versatility.

You can customize the recipe to suit your taste and dietary preferences.

Here are some variations to consider:

Vegetarian Biscuit Casserole

If you're a vegetarian or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, you can easily make a vegetarian biscuit casserole.

Simply omit the meat and replace it with additional vegetables or plant-based protein alternatives like tofu or tempeh.

Breakfast Biscuit Casserole

Who says biscuit casserole is only for dinner?

You can also enjoy it for breakfast!

Create a delicious breakfast casserole by adding cooked bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs, and your favorite breakfast vegetables like bell peppers and onions.

Seafood Biscuit Casserole

If you're a seafood lover, why not try a seafood biscuit casserole?

Use shrimp, crab, or a combination of seafood as the main filling.

Add some Old Bay seasoning and a squeeze of lemon juice for a burst of flavor.

Tex-Mex Biscuit Casserole

For a Southwestern twist, make a Tex-Mex biscuit casserole.

Use ground beef or shredded chicken as the base, and add ingredients like black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, and Mexican spices.

Top it off with some shredded Mexican cheese blend and a dollop of sour cream.

Italian Biscuit Casserole

If you're craving Italian flavors, try an Italian biscuit casserole.

Use Italian sausage or ground beef as the main filling, and add ingredients like marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Italian herbs.

Serve it with a side of garlic bread for a complete Italian-inspired meal.

3. Biscuit Casserole: A Comforting Dish for Every Occasion

3  biscuit casserole  a comforting dish for every occasion

Biscuit casserole is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed for any occasion.

Whether you're hosting a casual family dinner or a fancy dinner party, biscuit casserole is sure to impress your guests.

Here are some occasions where biscuit casserole shines:

Weeknight Dinner

After a long day at work or school, you want a meal that is quick and easy to make.

Biscuit casserole fits the bill perfectly.

With just a few simple ingredients and minimal prep time, you can have a delicious and satisfying meal on the table in no time.

Family Gathering

When you're hosting a family gathering, you want a dish that will please everyone.

Biscuit casserole is a crowd-pleaser that can be easily customized to suit different tastes and dietary preferences.

Plus, it can be made in large batches to feed a hungry crowd.

Potluck Party

Attending a potluck party?

Bring a biscuit casserole!

It's a dish that is easy to transport and can be reheated quickly.

Plus, it's a guaranteed hit among the party-goers.

Holiday Feast

During the holiday season, comfort food is a must.

Biscuit casserole is the perfect addition to your holiday feast.

It's warm, comforting, and can be made with seasonal ingredients like roasted turkey or ham.

4. Biscuit Casserole: A Budget-Friendly Meal

4  biscuit casserole  a budget friendly meal

One of the great things about biscuit casserole is that it's a budget-friendly meal.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can create a delicious and satisfying dish that won't break the bank.

Here are some tips for making biscuit casserole on a budget:

Use Affordable Ingredients

When making biscuit casserole, you don't need to splurge on expensive ingredients.

Use affordable cuts of meat like chicken thighs or ground beef.

Opt for frozen vegetables instead of fresh ones.

And don't forget to take advantage of sales and discounts at your local grocery store.

Make it a Leftover Makeover

Biscuit casserole is a great way to use up leftovers.

Have some leftover roasted chicken or turkey?

Shred it and use it as the main filling for your casserole.

Leftover vegetables?

Throw them in too.

Not only will you save money, but you'll also reduce food waste.

Double the Recipe

When making biscuit casserole, consider doubling the recipe.

This way, you can enjoy it for dinner and have leftovers for lunch the next day.

Leftover biscuit casserole makes a great packed lunch option.

Freeze and Reheat

If you have leftovers that you won't be able to finish within a few days, consider freezing them.

Biscuit casserole freezes well and can be reheated in the oven or microwave for a quick and easy meal.

5. Biscuit Casserole: A Kid-Friendly Dish

5  biscuit casserole  a kid friendly dish

When it comes to feeding kids, it can be a challenge to find meals that they will actually eat.

Luckily, biscuit casserole is a kid-friendly dish that is sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Here's why kids love biscuit casserole:

Fun and Easy to Eat

Kids love anything that is fun and easy to eat.

Biscuit casserole fits the bill perfectly.

The flaky biscuits are easy for little hands to grab, and the filling is packed with familiar flavors that kids love.


One of the great things about biscuit casserole is that it's customizable.

You can add ingredients that your kids love, like their favorite vegetables or cheese.

Letting kids help with the preparation can also make them more excited to eat the final dish.

Comforting and Familiar

Kids often crave comfort food, and biscuit casserole is the epitome of comfort food.

The warm and savory flavors are familiar and comforting, making it a great option for picky eaters.

Leftover Potential

Leftovers can be a lifesaver when it comes to feeding kids.

Biscuit casserole makes great leftovers that can be reheated quickly for a hassle-free meal.

Plus, you can easily pack it in a lunchbox for school or daycare.

6. Biscuit Casserole: A Healthy Twist

6  biscuit casserole  a healthy twist

While biscuit casserole is often associated with comfort food, it can also be made with a healthy twist.

By making a few simple substitutions and additions, you can transform biscuit casserole into a nutritious and wholesome meal.

Here are some tips for making a healthy biscuit casserole:

Choose Lean Proteins

Instead of using fatty meats like sausage or bacon, opt for lean proteins like chicken breast or turkey.

You can also use plant-based protein alternatives like tofu or tempeh for a vegetarian option.

Incorporate Vegetables

Add plenty of vegetables to your biscuit casserole to boost its nutritional value.

Use a variety of colorful vegetables like bell peppers, onions, carrots, and spinach.

You can also sneak in some extra veggies by pureeing them and adding them to the filling.

Use Whole Grains

Instead of using regular biscuits, opt for whole grain biscuits or make your own using whole wheat flour.

Whole grains are higher in fiber and nutrients compared to refined grains, making them a healthier choice.

Reduce Sodium and Fat

To make your biscuit casserole healthier, reduce the amount of salt and fat in the recipe.

Use low-sodium ingredients and replace high-fat ingredients like cream with alternatives like Greek yogurt or low-fat milk.

7. Biscuit Casserole: A Dish for Special Dietary Needs

7  biscuit casserole  a dish for special dietary needs

Biscuit casserole can be easily adapted to suit different dietary needs.

Whether you're following a gluten-free, dairy-free, or keto diet, there's a biscuit casserole recipe out there for you.

Here are some ideas for making biscuit casserole to accommodate special dietary needs:

Gluten-Free Biscuit Casserole

If you're following a gluten-free diet, you can still enjoy biscuit casserole.

Simply use gluten-free biscuits or make your own using gluten-free flour.

You can also use gluten-free alternatives for the filling, such as gluten-free cream of chicken soup or a homemade gluten-free sauce.

Dairy-Free Biscuit Casserole

For those who are lactose intolerant or following a dairy-free diet, there are plenty of dairy-free alternatives available.

Use dairy-free biscuits or make your own using dairy-free butter and milk.

You can also use dairy-free cheese or nutritional yeast as a substitute for the cheese in the filling.

Keto-Friendly Biscuit Casserole

If you're following a keto diet, you can still enjoy biscuit casserole by making a few modifications.

Use almond flour or coconut flour to make keto-friendly biscuits.

Replace the cream of chicken soup with a homemade keto-friendly sauce made with ingredients like heavy cream and chicken broth.

And opt for low-carb vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower in the filling.

8. Biscuit Casserole: Tips and Tricks

8  biscuit casserole  tips and tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the perfect biscuit casserole:

Precook Ingredients

If you're using raw meat or vegetables in your biscuit casserole, consider precooking them before assembling the dish.

This will ensure that everything is cooked through and tender by the time the casserole is done baking.

Don't Overmix the Biscuit Dough

When making the biscuit dough, be careful not to overmix it.

Overmixing can result in tough and dense biscuits.

Mix the dough just until it comes together, and then stop.

Use a Sharp Knife to Cut the Biscuits

When cutting the biscuits, use a sharp knife or biscuit cutter.

This will help create clean and even edges, resulting in biscuits that rise evenly and have a nice appearance.

Let the Casserole Rest Before Serving

After removing the biscuit casserole from the oven, let it rest for a few minutes before serving.

This will allow the filling to set and the flavors to meld together.

9. Biscuit Casserole: A Crowd-Pleasing Comfort Food

9  biscuit casserole  a crowd pleasing comfort food

Biscuit casserole is the ultimate comfort food that is sure to please everyone.

With its flaky biscuits, savory filling, and endless variations, it's a dish that can be enjoyed for any occasion.

Whether you're cooking for your family or hosting a dinner party, biscuit casserole is a delicious and satisfying meal that will leave everyone asking for seconds.

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What are some easy biscuit casserole recipes?

One easy biscuit casserole recipe is to mix cooked ground beef, canned tomatoes, and canned corn together in a baking dish. Top with biscuit dough and bake in the oven until the biscuits are golden brown.

Can I make biscuit casserole ahead of time?

Yes, you can make biscuit casserole ahead of time. Prepare the casserole as directed, cover with plastic wrap or foil, and refrigerate for up to 24 hours. When ready to bake, remove from the refrigerator and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before baking.

What are some variations of biscuit casserole recipes?

Some variations of biscuit casserole recipes include using different meats such as chicken or sausage, adding vegetables like broccoli or bell peppers, or using different types of biscuits like cheddar or garlic flavored.

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