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Hey There! I'm Asim Akhtar: Founder of AtOnce

3 years ago, I started a store that sold hoodies online. Pretty soon, I started getting problems.

Marketing got harder. Plus, I was getting 200 emails per day. So, I made AtOnce.

AtOnce Story & Mission - Asim Akhtar Founder
AtOnce Story & Mission - Asim Akhtar Founder

Do You Like Wasting 3 Hours Per Day On Emails? I Didn't

I solved by making... 24/7 self-service. Customers got instant answers. I finally got some peace.

Now? There are hundreds of businesses using this for live chat, email & social media.

  • I made customer service easier
AtOnce About Us - Emails Self Service
AtOnce About Us - Marketing Software

Marketing Was Still Taking Too Long. AI To The Rescue

In 2022, Artificial Intelligence finally became good enough to write marketing copy.

I started using it for my own business. And it worked. So I made it easy to use for everyone.

  • I made marketing easier with AI
AtOnce About Us - Marketing Software

I Wasn't Writing Enough Content. So I Made An AI Writer

Surely there's an easier way to write blog posts? I dived into every case study and podcast I could find.

No luck. So, I made an AI writing tool. In 1 click, I could write 3000 words.

  • I made writing easier for everyone
AtOnce About - ChatGPT Story

People Wanted To Use AI For More Than Just Writing

So, I made an AI chatbot. It's like a personal assistant. But faster. And available 24/7.

Turns out, it's great for marketing & improving content. People loved it!

  • I started making everything easier
AtOnce About - ChatGPT Story

AtOnce Is Now Used By Thousands of Businesses

Writers, marketers & businesses are using AtOnce in over 56 countries. We now work in 30+ languages.

It's getting better every day. And we're just getting started.

  • On a mission to make life easier
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Asim Akhtar

Asim Akhtar

Asim is the CEO & founder of AtOnce. After 5 years of marketing & customer service experience, he's now using Artificial Intelligence to save people time.