Free Candidate Rejection Email Template & Examples

Best Candidate Rejection Email Template & Examples

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Candidate Rejection Email

Candidate Rejection Email Sample Details

Company name: [company name]
Candidate's name: [name of candidate]
Position: [position]
Reason for rejection: [reason for rejection]


Greet the reader
Thank the candidate for their interest and time
Explain the reason for the rejection
Offer to keep the candidate's application on file
Invite the candidate to apply for other roles in the future
Sign off in a formal tone

Candidate Rejection Email Template & Examples

Candidate Rejection Email Template & Examples Free Candidate Rejection Email Template & Examples

Sending out rejection emails after a job interview can be difficult.

But, by using a well-crafted candidate rejection email template, it can become easier.

Here we explore how to craft your own candidate rejection email and provide examples of effective communication that won't leave any room for doubt or confusion from the job applicant.

Understanding Rejection Email Etiquette

Understanding Rejection Email Etiquette Free Candidate Rejection Email Template & Examples

Clear Subject Lines

Rejection emails are never easy to send, but following some basic etiquette can help ensure the recipient feels respected.

Crafting an effective candidate rejection email requires avoiding common pitfalls like unclear language or giving false hope.

Employers and recruiters should keep best practices in mind when delivering bad news via email:

  • Use clear subject lines so recipients know quickly if they have been accepted or rejected without opening your message.
  • Use simple words that are direct and explicit; avoid vague terms such as moved on.
  • Explain why someone wasn't chosen directly yet kindly, without long-winded explanations.
It's essential to provide prompt feedback after interviews - no matter how long ago it was held!

This shows applicants you value them by reflecting effort has gone into reaching out since interest was shown initially – even if the outcome is negative from your end.

Stick close to specified timelines too; this helps distract away from disappointment down the line should more rejections come along later than expected.

Crafting The Right Tone For Candidate Rejections

Crafting The Right Tone For Candidate Rejections Free Candidate Rejection Email Template & ExamplesCrafting the Right Tone for Candidate Rejections

Finding the right tone in rejection emails can be tricky.

You want to remain respectful and professional, while adhering to legal requirements.

Here are some tips:

  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • A candidate may have spent hours on their application - rejecting them with one sentence could seem harsh.
  • Aim for concise yet respectful language that clearly communicates why they weren't chosen without causing unnecessary hurt feelings; think before hitting ‘send'.
  • Maintain positivity throughout your communication.
  • Even if there's not much positive news, try to stay optimistic when conveying bad news - remember how hard this process is!
  • Use phrases like in spite of instead of focusing on what didn’t go well during their interview or application stage - use this as a reminder that future successes can result from effort given today!
  • Avoid jargon-filled responses which could leave candidates confused about why they were rejected; explain yourself without excessive detail so potential applicants understand their journey was unsuccessful but do make sure all employment policies used have been included too
Be professional yet personalized, keep it succinct and clear, avoid jargon, maintain positivity, and include relevant policy information.

Components Of A Successful Candidate Rejection Template

Components Of A Successful Candidate Rejection Template Free Candidate Rejection Email Template & Examples

Tailor Rejection Emails

Craft individualized rejection emails tailored to each applicant.

Highlight areas where they lack experience or skills relative to other candidates, and explain why someone else might better fit your team dynamic.

Be honest and transparent throughout; avoid misdirection regarding job descriptions or preferences.

Focus on positivity rather than negative comments about their qualifications.

Leave room for future contact if there's potential interest down the line, offering more info when available and remaining open-minded until all positions are filled up completely.

Be Positive

Be sure to maintain a positive tone in your rejection emails.

Let applicants know that you appreciate their time and effort in applying.

Encourage them to keep applying for other positions and to stay in touch.

Remain Open-Minded

Finally, remain open-minded until all positions are filled up completely.

You never know when a great candidate might come along.

Be sure to keep in touch with applicants who may be a good fit for future


What should be the tone of a candidate rejection email?

The tone should be professional, respectful and empathetic.

Should I give feedback to candidates in a rejection email?

It's optional, but if you choose to do so, keep it constructive and specific. Avoid generalities or personal opinions.

How can I end the candidate rejection email on a positive note?

Thank them for their time and interest in your company. You can also wish them success in their job search or encourage them to apply again in the future if suitable positions become available.

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