Free Client Offboarding Email Template & Examples

Best Client Offboarding Email Template & Examples

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Client Offboarding Email

Client Offboarding Email Sample Details

Client's name: [name of client]
Company name: [company name]
Date of termination: [date of termination]


Greet the reader
Thank the client for working with [company]
Explain that you are terminating the relationship
Give a date of termination and offer to help with the transition process
Sign off in a formal tone

Client Offboarding Email Template & Examples

Client Offboarding Email Template & Examples Free Client Offboarding Email Template & ExamplesThe client offboarding process can be difficult and time consuming, but with the right email templates it can be made easy and effective.

This article explores some of the best examples of successful client offboarding emails that help make the end of a business relationship easier for both parties.

What Is Client Offboarding

What Is Client Offboarding Free Client Offboarding Email Template & Examples

Client Offboarding

Client offboarding is the process of formally ending a business relationship with an existing client.

It involves terminating the agreement and sharing key information about why, when, and who to contact for follow-up questions or concerns.

This helps maintain customer trust while protecting your business interests.

Offboarding also maintains good relationships with customers after they leave your services - important for positive reviews on review platforms or social media sites!

Being professional during this time ensures future collaborations stay amicable if needed in the future.

Benefits include:

  • Better customer experiences
  • Maintaining good relations with former clients
  • Enhancing professionalism & trustworthiness
  • Protecting business interests
  • Ensuring equity in decision making
Offboarding helps maintain customer trust while protecting your business interests.

Why Do You Need A Client Offboarding Email Template & Examples

Client Offboarding Emails

Client offboarding emails are an essential part of the customer lifecycle, allowing businesses to end relationships on a positive note.

To create an effective template that supports their brand and provides customers with relevant information, companies should include:

  • How long before it takes effect
  • Any additional paperwork required
  • Costs associated

This type of communication also allows companies to upsell other products and services after customers have decided to leave — strengthening relationships at what could otherwise be viewed as a negative time in terms of client relations.

Templates can save businesses time when managing dozens (or even hundreds) of clients who may require custom instructions specific to their circumstance.

Having several documentable examples makes creating personalized messages much easier by providing guidelines that streamline this process while accounting for potential individual needs — and prevents miscommunications often associated with manual interactions.

How To Create An Effective Client Offboarding Email Template

How To Create An Effective Client Offboarding Email Template Free Client Offboarding Email Template & Examples

Personalize the Subject Line

Start with a personalized subject line, like “Farewell from [Your Company], [Customer Name]!”

Show Appreciation

Show appreciation and nostalgia for their patronage.

Include Details

Include details of services or products provided during their time as customers.

Explain Why Things Didn't Work Out

Explain why things didn't work out longer term between you two, plus any resources they can still access after leaving your service (e.g., warranties, discounts).

Maintain a Positive Tone

Maintain a positive tone throughout by offering suggestions of other businesses that may compliment those needs now vacant due to parting scenarios.

Make sure to keep the tone positive and helpful.

Close with Genuine Words

Close with genuine words expressing best wishes and goodwill moving forward into whatever comes next on either side in life's journey ahead!


What is a client offboarding email?

A client offboarding email is a message sent to inform the end of a business relationship with your company. It should be professional, concise, and empathetic.

When should you send an offboarding email?

You should send an offboarding email after all outstanding tasks are completed and any final invoices have been issued. Ideally, it should be sent before the last day that services will be provided or within 24-48 hours afterwards.

What information do you include in an offboarding mail?

An effective client-off boarding letter generally includes: A statement announcing contract termination; An explanation for why they're being let go; A list of agreed-upon resolution items (if applicable); Information about what happens next

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