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Best Cold Email Template & Examples

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Cold Email

Cold Email Sample Details

Recipient's name: [name of recipient]
Your name: [your name]
Reason for contacting: [reason for contacting]
Value proposition: [value proposition]


Greet the reader
Introduce yourself and explain why you're contacting them
Describe the value proposition and how it can help the recipient
Include a call to action and contact information
Thank them for their time

Cold Email Template & Examples

Cold Email Template & Examples Free Cold Email Template & Examples

Cold emailing can be a great way to reach out to potential customers, but writing effective emails requires research and practice.

In this article, we will provide you with cold email template and examples that will help you create your own powerful emails.

What Is Cold Emailing

What Is Cold Emailing Free Cold Email Template & Examples

Cold Emailing: A Powerful Marketing Tactic

Cold emailing is a powerful marketing tactic that involves sending emails to potential customers.

It can be used by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Cold emailing helps build relationships with prospects and create sales opportunities.

At its core, cold emailing means writing persuasive messages or “cold emails” with the goal of reaching out and convincing someone who doesn't know you personally but may benefit from your product or service in some way.

The content should provide value for the reader so they take action (like clicking through a link) or signing up for more information about what it is you are offering them in the message.

The most important part of any cold email campaign is crafting copy that captures attention: research shows people are 28% more likely to click on an intriguing headline than boring one!

Subject lines should capture attention without using gimmicks—you want readers intrigued enough open your message rather than deleting it before reading what's inside!

Additionally ensure each campaign targets potential clients individually; avoid relying too heavily on templates as recipients tend spot those quickly and no longer engage meaningfully with such unsolicited messages sent their way.

Five Tips for Crafting Successful Cold Emails

  • Identify target audience & tailor messaging accordingly
  • Craft engaging subject titles
  • Give compelling reasons why recipient should act now
  • Personalize content
  • Follow-up regularly

What To Include In Your Cold Email Template

What To Include In Your Cold Email Template Free Cold Email Template & Examples


Start with a personalized greeting to make your contact feel special and provide context for who you are and why they're being contacted.

Show genuine interest in having an exchange, rather than pitching something or asking for favors immediately.

Value Proposition

Explain how your product/service can help solve problems or provide tangible benefits without overwhelming them with too much information up front.

Call To Action (CTA)

Offer clear instructions on next steps along with any collateral needed such as brochures or demos if relevant.

Make sure this statement is concise but powerful enough so that they'll take immediate action after reading it, understanding what needs to happen next based on everything else stated in the message.

Crafting an effective cold email requires the right components.

Here's the structure:

  • Greeting
  • Value Proposition
  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Signature & Contact Info

Include all pertinent contact details (email address, phone number, website link etc.) associated with yourself and company at the bottom of the signature section - reinforce CTA issued earlier by making it easy to reach out further whenever necessary.

Crafting A Compelling Subject Line

Crafting A Compelling Subject Line Free Cold Email Template & Examples

Introduce Yourself

Make it personal and draw in your reader.

Start with Hello [Name] and keep subject lines short – under 10 words.

Include two keywords about what you offer.

Use actionable language such as Discover or Find Out How.

Experiment with emojis 🤔 for a friendly touch!

Highlight important information with bold tags and underlines to make it stand out.

Make it personal and draw in your reader.

How To Personalize Your Cold Emails

How To Personalize Your Cold Emails Free Cold Email Template & Examples

Research Your Potential Client

Personalize your message by using tokens like first name or company name to make them feel important.

Create a storyline that appeals to their needs, demonstrating knowledge on the subject matter with relevant case studies and success stories.

Provide statistical back-up, evidence, proof of concept/quality assurance, and utilize proven techniques such as scarcity tactics (limited availability).

Examples Of Good Cold Email Templates

Cold Email Templates

Cold email templates can be powerful when used correctly.

Here are three examples of effective cold emails to gain a potential customer's interest:

Example 1

  • Hi [Name], I'm [Your Name] from [Company]. We help businesses like yours increase revenue with innovative software solutions.
  • Can we chat about how we could provide value?

Example 2

  • Hello [Name], I'm the founder of '[Organization]' - a successful marketing agency offering services such as SEO, web design, and content writing. Could our products benefit your company?
  • Let's discuss further!

Example 3

  • Hi there, [Name], this is from [Company]'s CEO. Our team helps leaders drive growth without expensive ads or complex tactics.
  • What challenges do you face?
  • Could our products & services help here?
  • Would love 15 minutes to explore collaboration possibilities together.
Experiment with short and long cold emails. Try changing your offer too (e.g. give them a free consultation call)

What is the best way to introduce myself in a cold email?

Start with a personalized greeting, mention something specific about the recipient or their company, and briefly explain who you are and why you're reaching out.

How long should my cold email be?

Keep it short and to-the-point-no more than 3-4 short paragraphs. Avoid using large blocks of text or lengthy explanations.

Should I include a call-to-action in my cold email?

Yes! Always end your message with a clear call-to-action that tells the recipient what steps they can take next (such as scheduling a meeting or phone call).

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