Free Employee Offboarding Email Template & Examples

Best Employee Offboarding Email Template & Examples

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Employee Offboarding Email

Employee Offboarding Email Sample Details

Employee's name: [name of employee]
Position: [position]
Date of departure: [date of departure]


Greet the employee
Thank them for their time at [company]
Explain the date of departure and any other details
Invite them to keep in touch
Sign off with an offer of help with the transition process

Employee Offboarding Email Template & Examples

Employee Offboarding Email Template & Examples Free Employee Offboarding Email Template & ExamplesEmployee offboarding is an essential process for any organization; it is the final step in a successful employee journey.

An effective way to ensure smooth and compliant offboarding is through the use of email templates.

This article provides clear, tried-and-tested examples of employee offboarding emails, enabling businesses to execute this important task efficiently.

Why Is Offboarding Important

Why Is Offboarding Important Free Employee Offboarding Email Template & ExamplesWhy Offboarding is Important

Offboarding is beneficial for employers and employees.

It helps ensure legal obligations are met, future relationships remain positive, and morale stays high among remaining staff members.

Here's why offboarding is important:

  • It protects your organization from potential legal issues in the long run by providing fair severance procedures like final paychecks or additional benefits when appropriate.
  • It improves communication between hiring managers and new hires during onboarding processes - even if there was no exit interview due to confidentiality reasons of previous employers.
  • This sets expectations early on so they reach job objectives faster – saving costs associated with lost productivity throughout a project timeline!
Finally, well-thought out exit processes mean better resource management moving forward within company production lines (across many industries).

Crafting An Effective Employee Offboarding Email

Thanking the Departing Employee

Thank the departing employee for their service and recognize any significant contributions or achievements.

Outline Steps to Take Prior to Departure

  • Return property/equipment
  • Remit final salary payment
  • Access termination procedures on databases/software etc.
  • Collect uniforms (if permissible by law)
  • Clearance with managers regarding projects and progress status updates before log-off dates

Confirm Details of Final Payments

Confirm details of final payments right away: TDS deductions made, bank account info.

Be Clear About Post-Departure Access Duration

Be clear about post-departure access duration - IT accounts & emails used while working at firm or online accounts associated with job role responsibilities.

Request Physical Assets

Request physical assets like ID cards & badges along hardware accessories - phones/laptops assigned earlier for work related activities.

Give Instructions About Pending Paperwork Handling

Give instructions about pending paperwork handling – documentations completed by former employees e., tax forms etc.

Remind them politely of Non Disclosure Agreements signed previously.

Examples Of Employee Offboarding Emails

Offboarding Employees?

Have a Template Ready

Good examples of offboarding emails provide clear instructions and help you stay organized.

Include details like:

  • termination
  • severance pay/benefits
  • confidentiality policies
  • returning company property before leaving

Plus, include specific dates/times for the employee to know how much time they have until their employment ends.

Thank them for their hard work too!

Ask if anything else is needed prior to termination date; outline next steps after it; give access info (databases etc); include HR contact information; offer job seeking tips – all with positive vibes!

Offboarding Process Checklist:

  • Termination: Provide details about the termination.
  • Severance Pay/Benefits: Outline the severance pay/benefits.
  • Confidentiality Policies: Explain the confidentiality policies.
  • Returning Company Property: Specify the date/time for returning company property.
  • Time Until Employment Ends: Give the employee an idea of how much time they have until their employment ends.

Tips For Writing A Successful Employee Offboarding Email

Be Mindful of Tone

Writing an effective offboarding email can be daunting.

With practice and knowledge of what to include, you'll soon get better at drafting emails tailored to individual circumstances.

Here are our top tips:

  • Be mindful of tone - keep messages friendly yet professional.
  • Plan ahead and double check – identify important points clearly beforehand and review against official records.
  • Respect confidentiality – avoid discussing delicate matters via digital channels.
Express gratitude – show appreciation for efforts made by ex-team members; this helps maintain relationships.

Record Decisions Formally

Record decisions formally – document key decision points communicated verbally anywhere possible.

Maximizing Opportunities During The Final Days Of Employment

Maximizing Opportunities During The Final Days Of Employment Free Employee Offboarding Email Template & ExamplesMaximize Opportunities

Maximize opportunities during the employee's last days to provide a positive experience and foster goodwill.

Complete Paperwork

Ensure all paperwork is completed, such as tax forms and benefits info.

Onboarding Benefits

Consider how onboarding could benefit from offboarding processes — e.g., post-departure surveys or exit interviews for feedback on company culture & job satisfaction levels.

Learning & Development

  • Investigate learning & development opportunities
  • Create secure conversations between management/staff
  • Take care over farewell activities
  • Use learnings in future recruitment strategies

Yes, you can benefit from offboarding processes by gaining feedback on company culture and job satisfaction levels.


What should be included in an offboarding email?

Key information such as the employee's departure date, reason for leaving (optional), contact details of their manager or HR representative and any next steps.

How can I make the email sound professional yet empathetic?

Use a formal tone but express gratitude towards the departing employee. Show understanding of their decision to leave and offer support during this transition period.

When is it appropriate to send out an offboarding email?

Generally, it’s best practice to send out emails on or before your colleague’s last day at work so that everyone involved stays informed

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