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Letter Of Recommendation

Letter Of Recommendation Sample Details

Name of person being recommended: [name]
Description of relationship to recommender: [relationship]
Length of time known: [length of time known]
Capacity in which they are known: [capacity in which they are known]
Strengths, skills, and accomplishments: [strengths, skills, and accomplishments]
Why they are a good fit for this position or opportunity: [why they are a good fit for this position or opportunity]


Greet the reader
Introduce yourself and your relationship to the person you're recommending
Describe how long you've known them and in what capacity
List their strengths, skills, and accomplishments
Explain why they are a good fit for this position or opportunity
Sign off with your contact information and an invitation to get in touch with questions

Letter of Recommendation Template & Examples

Letter of Recommendation Template & Examples Free Letter Of Recommendation Template & ExamplesWriting a letter of recommendation can be an intimidating task.

But don't worry--having the right example and template to follow makes it easier!

Here you will find tips on structuring your letter, providing meaningful insights into the candidate or job applicant, and some useful examples that are sure to help guide you as you write your own personalized letter of recommendation.

Understanding The Purpose Of A Letter Of Recommendation Template & Examples

What is a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)?

A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a supporting document employers or academic institutions use to evaluate your performance, qualifications, and professional background.

It provides testimony from someone who has worked with you directly in some capacity, such as an employer, supervisor, or educator.

Things to Consider

  • Purpose of the letter
  • Who will receive it (mail/email?)
  • Format (physical documents only/electronic versions/attachments including PDF files?)

Knowing what information needs mentioning makes the document effective.

Select references whose statement adds value towards getting selected/accepted.

Assist potential referees in understanding crucial points while writing letters so that the final version benefits both parties.

Choose reliable authorship services for editing, proofreading, tweaking content, language, etc., where needed.

Make sure all deadlines, office requirements, ethics codes, and personal preferences are adhered to!

Tips For Writing An Effective Letter Of Recommendation Template & Example

Be Insightful

Craft an effective letter of recommendation with these tips:

  • Be insightful and include personal anecdotes or stories to provide insight into the individual's character, ability, personality and potential success.
  • Highlight any unique qualifications like awards or recognition that could add weight.

Provide Examples

  • Provide examples to support assertions made about the person being recommended for a position/award - past work product such as projects completed successfully on time & within budget; successful accomplishments leading teams through difficult tasks using strong organizational skills; putting in extra hours during challenging deadlines so people working with you got their job done on time etc.
  • This will strengthen your overall assessment and show why this candidate is highly qualified.
Ensure honesty & accuracy at all times – never exaggerate anyone’s abilities beyond what you know is accurate.
  • Consider carefully not only whom your recommending but equally important where you're positioning them against peers applying too.

Avoid Generic Wording

  • Avoid generic wording by staying relevant throughout the entire document.

Types Of Letters Of Recommendations And Corresponding Templates & Examples

Academic Letters

Academic letters refer to college or university admissions.

They should be written by someone knowledgeable about the applicant, such as through academic activities or work experience.

A template includes details of qualifications and achievements that make them suitable for further education in their chosen field.

Professional References

Professional references focus on professional experiences rather than academics.

They have a different format, but still serve the same purpose: providing detailed information about how qualified an individual is at their job(s).

Character References

Character references often come from individuals with closer personal relationships (family member, close friend, etc.).

Templates usually ask general questions designed to give insight into character traits like honesty and dependability.

When writing any type of letter of recommendation, use glowing language that underscores helpfulness during prior collaborations/engagements.

Speak directly regarding successes, avoid negative comments unless necessary, demonstrate suitability within context using positive words, and prioritize facts over storytelling.

A well-written letter of recommendation can make all the difference in an applicant's success.

Essential Considerations Before Submitting A Letter Of Recommendation Template & Example

Essential Points to Consider Before Submitting a Letter of Recommendation

Use only existing templates from reliable sources like professional organizations or universities and follow formatting guidelines provided by the recipient's institution for any changes made to the template.

Check if there are specific requirements regarding length or content requested by the recipient; this will increase your chances of producing an effective document that is accepted quickly.

Always include proper signatories: endorser ID, name & address documents with signatures must be included for official stamping to occur.

Take the time to ensure your letter of recommendation is perfect.


  • Use existing templates from reliable sources.
  • Follow formatting guidelines provided by the recipient's institution.
  • Check for specific requirements regarding length or content.
  • Always include proper signatories.
Be sure to include all the necessary information.

What is a letter of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a document that provides information about your skills, character and achievements. It's typically written by someone who knows you well professionally or academically.

Who should I ask to write my letter of recommendation?

It's best to ask someone who can speak positively about your work ethic, skills and abilities related to the opportunity you're applying for. This could be a former employer, professor or mentor.

How do I make sure my recommender writes me a strong reference?

Provide them with all relevant background materials such as your resume / CV and job description / program details so they have context for what you are seeking.

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