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Best Podcast Guest Pitch Template & Examples

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Podcast Guest Pitch

Podcast Guest Pitch Sample Details

Name of podcast: [name of podcast]
Name of podcast host: [name of podcast host]
Topic/s of discussion: [topic/s of discussion]


Greet the reader
Introduce yourself and the topic/s of discussion
Explain why you would be a good fit for this podcast
Provide links to any relevant websites or content
Sign off with a thank you and contact information

Podcast Guest Pitch Template & Examples

Podcast Guest Pitch Template & Examples Free Podcast Guest Pitch Template & ExamplesPitching yourself as a guest on a podcast is an effective way to gain visibility for your business or brand.

This article dives into the topic by providing you with a Podcast Guest Pitch Template & Examples to get you started.

Learning how to effectively create and deliver an engaging pitch will help position you as an expert in your field.

Introduction To Podcast Guest Pitch Template & Examples

Crafting a Compelling Podcast Guest Pitch

Podcasting is a popular medium for sharing stories, sparking conversations, and communicating information.

Guests can bring unique expertise, experiences, and opinions to the show.

Your Goal:

Concisely convey why you'd make interesting radio/podcast material.

Successful Pitching Formats:

  • Relevant links (blog posts, interviews, etc.)
  • Testimonials from people who've worked with you
  • Customised topics tailored specifically towards each opportunity applied for
  • Contact details at end of submission

Showcase how professional but engaging your approach could be if given time on stage.

Pique interest in you as an addition to their next episode with a podcast guest pitch that provides enough info about your topic or area of knowledge.

Your pitch should stand out from other applicants' submissions.

Benefits Of Using A Podcast Guest Pitch Template

Benefits Of Using A Podcast Guest Pitch Template Free Podcast Guest Pitch Template & ExamplesBenefits of Using a Podcast Guest Pitch Template

Using a podcast guest pitch template is an efficient way to craft personalized messages and start pitching yourself as a guest.

Benefits include:

  • Saving time
  • Reducing research hours
  • Increasing consistency between pitches
  • Strengthening brand building efforts

Crafting Your Own Podcast Guest Pitch

Crafting Your Own Podcast Guest Pitch Free Podcast Guest Pitch Template & ExamplesExplain why you'd be an ideal addition to the show by tailoring your proposal for that particular host.

Write a one-sentence elevator pitch describing who you are and why they should feature you on their show.

Include social proof like features or interviews with recognizable people or publications, as well as testimonials from previous shows highlighting relevant skills/knowledge in their industry sector.

Here are five tips to make your pitch stand out:

  • Showcase examples of prior work experiences
  • Detail unique insight, stories, or interviewee recommendations
  • Leverage relationships with other media outlets & influential personalities
  • Use data-backed statistics about current trends & challenges in the field
  • Reference enthusiasm surrounding areas of expertise awaiting discussion among target market
Make sure to research the host's past episodes and audience demographics to create a successful podcast guest pitch.

Tips For Improving Your Pitch To Increase Acceptance Rate

Tips For Improving Your Pitch To Increase Acceptance Rate Free Podcast Guest Pitch Template & ExamplesPersonalize Each Email

Crafting a successful podcast guest pitch is key to boosting your response rate from hosts.

Whether you're new or experienced, here are some tips:

  • Personalize each email - Avoid generic form emails.
  • Use the host's name and mention relevant things about their show.
  • Explain why they'd benefit from having you as a guest on their show – make it sound authentic!

Focus on Value

What unique content can listeners gain by tuning into an episode with you?

Showcase this in your pitches so potential hosts understand what kind of insights they'll get out of inviting guests onto shows.

Good feedback from past shows helps convince potential hosts that inviting guests isn't just beneficial for them but also listening audiences who will appreciate hearing such insightful discussions!

Get Real Testimonials

Gather reviews online or ask previous hosts if they wrote anything nice about working together – whatever works best for highlighting the positive impact made by being involved in podcasts works great too!

  • Connect before sending invitations
  • Offer topics based around current trends/subjects
  • Ask questions throughout pitching process
  • Keep communication open after submitting material & build relationships over time

Sample Podcast Guest Pitches For Inspiration

Showcase Your Accomplishments

Showcase your accomplishments and qualifications upfront to inspire a unique, creative pitch.

For example, Michele Ferrario of Stashaway quickly highlighted his credentials in one sentence: “I built Stashaway which today manages over $150 million with innovative technology.”

Jessica Livingston from Y Combinator tapped into her connection by mentioning their impressive portfolio companies list.

Lauren Holliday graciously stated she was an author and entrepreneur focused on helping people create meaningful relationships through bartending-related initiatives.

Craft the Perfect Pitch

To craft the perfect podcast guest pitch:

  • Showcase relevant achievements
  • Demonstrate how experiences connect to topics discussed already
  • Be concise yet tell enough details showing value of appearing as a guest speaker
  • Highlight why listeners should care what you say
  • Add subject matter specific keywords
Make sure to highlight your accomplishments and qualifications upfront to inspire a unique, creative pitch.

What should be included in a podcast guest pitch?

A podcast guest pitch should include an attention-grabbing subject line, a brief introduction that showcases your expertise and why you would be a valuable guest, relevant topics or talking points to discuss on the show, and any previous experience as a podcast guest or speaker.

How long should my podcast guest pitch be?

Your podcast guest pitch should ideally take no longer than three paragraphs. Keep it concise without sacrificing important details about yourself and what makes you an ideal fit for the show.

Do I need to personalize each of my pitches when contacting different podcasts?

Yes! Personalizing your pitches is key to showing hosts that you've done research on their brand/show. It's best practice to tailor each email specifically for them instead of sending out general emails copied-and-pasted from one another.

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