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Press Release Sample Details

Company name: [name of company]
Company mission: [mission statement of company]
Event description: [description of event being announced]
Why this event is important to the company, its customers, and/or society at large: [explanation of why this event is important]
Contact information for further questions: [contact information for further questions]


Introduce the company and its mission
Describe the newsworthy event that is being announced
Explain why this event is important to the company, its customers, and/or society at large
Provide contact information for further questions

Press Release for an Event Template & Examples

Press Release for an Event Template & Examples Free Press Release Template & ExamplesReaching out to the public can be a challenging task for events organizers.

A well-crafted press release is an effective way to inform and engage with potential attendees and broaden visibility of your event.

This article provides readers with tried-and-tested templates as well as creative examples of how to draft a successful press release for your next event.

What Is A Press Release For An Event

What Is A Press Release For An Event Free Press Release Template & ExamplesPress Release for an Event

A press release for an event is a pre-prepared statement given to the media with important details about an upcoming occasion.

It's usually written from the sponsoring organization’s perspective and includes information that journalists can use in their stories or announcements related to the event.

Press releases provide facts on what, when, where, why, and how something will happen; such as who will be attending or participating.

By crafting concise content answering these questions precisely, you give reporters all they need without extra research time investment.

This type of announcement serves two purposes: providing key points so outlets have enough data if they choose it worthy of coverage; plus amplifying visibility among consumers interested in its themes/topics discussed at said outing etc.

Benefits of a press release for an event include:

  • Establishes credibility through conveying importance surrounding featured topics etc.
  • Facilitates securing print/broadcast coverage depending upon quality copy craftsmanship.
  • Broadens reach by extending virtual presence across multiple platforms, reaching audiences not originally included via original plans.
  • Enhances outreach efforts leveraging professional resources including PR firms specialized in media relations.
  • Creates momentum leading up to the actual date, increasing build anticipation amongst curious onlookers.

Press releases are an effective way to reach a wider audience and increase visibility for an event.

Crafting a well-written press release can help boost ticket sales and create interest among bloggers and freelance writers looking for exclusive content to cover.

How To Craft A Professional And Effective Press Release

How To Craft A Professional And Effective Press Release Free Press Release Template & ExamplesHow to Write a Professional and Effective Press Release

Writing a professional and effective press release for your event helps generate interest.

Consider who is likely to be interested, then tailor the information accordingly.

Include facts like:

  • location
  • date/time of events
  • pricing info (if necessary)
  • contact details such as website URL or phone number

Start with an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Start with an attention-grabbing headline that provides an overview while being succinct; include title & place plus unique words associated with why people would attend/follow up on this product launch (etc.).

The Body Copy Should Keep Momentum Going

Write clearly focusing on 6Ws:






Format Professionally

You should format your press release professionally including adequate white space, formatting sections, etc.

Add subheadings, bullet lists for structure.

Check for Errors

Finally, check for spelling and grammatical errors before sending off.

Make sure your press release is professional and effective to generate interest.

What Elements Should Be Included In An Event Press Release

Key Elements

In an event press release, include key elements to inform readers of the most important details:

  • Start with a clear title that conveys what your event is about.
  • Provide precise location information and exact dates/times when applicable.
  • Describe activities people can expect at your event (e.g.
  • workshops & seminars).
  • Add registration link(s) for conferences or webinars if appropriate - this could be website URL or email addresses etc
  • Mention organizers/hosters where possible, but not mandatory if promoters are anonymous (e.g. online “hackathons”).
Make sure to include all the key elements in your event press release.

Examples Of Successful Media Releases For Events

Successful Event Press Releases

Organizations have used news releases to announce events successfully.

Here are three great examples:

Shea's Performing Arts Center

The first is the announcement for an original musical at Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo, New York.

It included fun facts about the show and bios of its creative team members, drawing people’s curiosity and attention.

The sample press release also used inviting language like “travel through centuries” instead of mundane sentence structure, drawing readers in from headline to end.

Make your message memorable with captivating headlines focusing on benefits so readers can relate better than generic ones.

Apple Inc

Apple Inc launched their much-anticipated iPhone 12 Pro Max model with a grand virtual launch, revealing all details about specifications & features before it hit stores across the world - attracting hordes of customers globally!

Their content incorporated interesting phrases laced with catchy adjectives, doubling up as successful marketing sampler for potential buyers.

Word spread quickly among media outlets, keeping up momentum until the phone became available - miles ahead of other competitors during the same period.

Attractive words spice up the overall narrative, bringing liveliness and engagement.


Facebook rolled out several stages of reopening plans when the pandemic started fading away last year.

With a cleverly planned approach combining safety requirements and steps taken/planned towards normalization, local businesses felt secure and motivated enough to gradually restart operations within the guidelines given.

This helped them reach a wider audience thanks to digital reach tools, and attracted optimism in the post-lockdown era.

Highlight unique elements to convince viewers more effectively.

Provide clear key points to help keep readers engaged.

Relevant visuals enable faster and profound conveying of messages.

Tips For Writing A Great Press Release For Your Event

Keep it Concise

Keep your press release concise and factual, no more than 300 words.

Include All the Details

Include all the details:

  • Location
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s) of day
  • Ticket prices readers can decide if they want to attend.

Add Relevant Quotes

Add relevant quotes from key speakers/organizers or third-party experts responding to questions related specifically to this event.

This could result in greater media interest and increased attendance.

Utilize Suitable Keywords

Utilize suitable keywords throughout content as well as a compelling headline for maximum impact!

Make sure your press release is concise, factual, and includes all the details to ensure it gets the greatest reach when published

What is a press release?

A press release is an official statement issued to news organizations giving information on a particular matter, event or product.

What should be included in a press release for an event?

The key elements of your event's press release include the headline, dateline and lead paragraph which sets out the who, what, where when and why of your story. You also need body paragraphs that provide more detail about the announcement – background information or quotes from stakeholders possibly – as well as contact details at end of piece.

How do you distribute a press release for an event?

You can distribute it using PR distribution services like PR Newswire or GlobeNewswire. Also share it with local newspapers and websites that cover events in your area through email pitches.

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