Free Real Estate Agent Review Template & Examples

Best Real Estate Agent Review Template & Examples

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Real Estate Agent Review

Real Estate Agent Review Sample Details

Name: [name of real estate agent]
Location: [location of real estate agent]
Services provided: [services provided by agent]
Rating: [rating of agent from 1-5]
Reasons for rating: [reasons for the given rating]


Introduce the real estate agent and their location
Describe the services provided by the agent
Rate the agent from 1-5 and explain why
Encourage readers to contact the agent for more information

Real Estate Agent Review Template & Examples

Real Estate Agent Review Template & Examples Free Real Estate Agent Review Template & ExamplesChoosing the right real estate agent for your needs can be a challenging task.

Evaluating an agent's performance is key to finding a qualified professional that best suits you and your requirements.

Our review template offers useful criteria and examples to help you objectively assess agents across several categories, so you can make an informed decision with confidence.

What Is A Real Estate Agent Review Template

What Is A Real Estate Agent Review Template Free Real Estate Agent Review Template & ExamplesReal Estate Agent Review Template

A real estate agent review template is a document that outlines criteria used to evaluate performance, provides examples of how these items might be addressed when writing reviews, and offers tips on crafting concise yet meaningful feedback.

It helps create assessments objectively by considering quantitative factors (e.g., sales revenue data or customer surveys) alongside qualitative elements like punctuality or customer service skills - whatever applies most appropriately depending on the services rendered.

Reviewers should also include content from their own experience so readers can get context around ratings given in the assessment form itself.

This adds subtle but important layers which enhance clarity regarding any judgement made about an individual's abilities over time according to defined standards for quality assurance purposes.

Consider the following when using a real estate agent review template:
  • Objective measuring criteria
  • Quantitative & qualitative factors equally
  • Concrete details & informed opinions
  • Contextual information where appropriate
  • Personal experiences if relevant

Examples Of Real Estate Agent Reviews

Real Estate Agent Reviews

Real estate agent reviews are a great way for buyers, sellers, and agents to get an honest opinion about the services of other professionals.

Most real estate agents conduct their own surveys or post reviews on social media sites such as Yelp and Facebook to gauge customer satisfaction.


  • Homebuyer: Our agent was awesome! He answered all our questions quickly, kept us informed throughout the process, and handled financial negotiations efficiently.
  • Experienced Seller: We worked with this realtor for two months trying various methods before making any headway — turns out he knew exactly what kind of market we were dealing with & got results fast!
  • Buyers: This estate agent was amazing when it came down to showing us around potential houses; they made sure we checked every box off during each tour!

To improve review ratings, real estate agents should strive to provide top-notch customer service.

This includes responding promptly and efficiently to unsatisfied customers in an effort to build trust amongst peers and clients.

Agencies must be transparent by sharing fees and commission upfront, while also notifying clientele regarding updates and changes proactively via online forums.

These efforts will grow business reputation significantly over time.

“The key to success in real estate is providing excellent customer service.”

Benefits Of Using An Evaluation Template

Benefits Of Using An Evaluation Template Free Real Estate Agent Review Template & ExamplesBenefits of Using an Evaluation Template

Using an evaluation template has many benefits, especially for busy real estate agents.

It saves time and keeps the process consistent and professional.

A specific template ensures evaluations are done uniformly every time you review performance.

This eliminates bias or unfairness between different employees' reviews, allowing each candidate to be judged on the same criteria based on pre-defined parameters of your system!

Comparison against peers is easier too since everyone’s scores use the same format.

Templates also reduce potential errors by standardizing procedures across departments or organizations – no matter who performs them!

Templates provide flexibility; they can easily be updated when necessary without compromising previous effort gone into creating reports which would otherwise require a complete redo job instead!


  • Streamlines management consistency and fair reviews
  • Reduces errors while improving decision making clarity
  • Flexible updating

Tips And Best Practices For Crafting Quality Real Estate Agent Evaluations

Tips And Best Practices For Crafting Quality Real Estate Agent Evaluations Free Real Estate Agent Review Template & Examples

Follow these tips and best practices to ensure a quality review for your real estate agent.

Gather Data

Crafting a quality review for your real estate agent is an important investment.

Gather data on successes, failures, strengths, and weaknesses before writing the evaluation.

Use Specific Language

Use specific language throughout and strive for objectivity when providing feedback.

Separate Positives & Negatives

Separate positives and negatives if needed.

Provide concrete examples related back to job duties.

Track Frequency

Track frequency of assessments made.

Maintain fairness among staff members by avoiding bias or favoritism from management.


What should I include in my real estate agent review?

Your review should include details about your experience working with the agent, their communication skills, responsiveness, knowledge of the market and overall performance.

How long should my real estate agent review be?

There is no set length for a real estate agent review. However, providing specific examples and detailed information can help make your review more helpful to others.

Where can I leave a real estate agent review?

You can leave a real estate agent reviews on various online platforms such as Google Reviews or Zillow. You may also consider leaving feedback on social media or directly contacting an agency's management team if you have concerns that need addressing.

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