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Recipient's name: [name of person receiving the email]
Company name: [name of sender]
Product information: [details of product]


Greet the reader
Ask how the customer found their experience of the company and product
Invite them to fill in a quick survey on your website
Say it will only take 2 minutes
Give them a small discount or reward in exchange for their time
Express gratitude & sign off in a warm tone

Survey Emails

Survey Emails Free Survey Email Template & ExamplesEmail surveys are a useful tool to capture valuable insights from large groups of people in an efficient and cost-effective way.

They provide the means for businesses and organizations to understand their customers, gather feedback, and make data-based decisions.

This article will explain how to create an effective survey email that increases your response rate.

Introduction To Survey Email

Introduction To Survey Email Free Survey Email Template & ExamplesThe Benefits of Survey Emails

Survey emails are an effective way to collect invaluable customer feedback and insights.

Companies can use this data to make adjustments, remain competitive, and understand what customers think or feel about their product/service offerings.

The Need for Quick Communication

The need for quick communication has made survey email even more important.

It eliminates the time-consuming process of filling out paper forms or mailing them back and forth between parties.

Plus, surveys sent via email allow organizations access closer than ever before: right at the customer’s fingertips!

This is especially useful with so many consumers owning smartphones; they have access anywhere on mobile devices ensuring everyone feels heard regardless of location.

Depending on which platform you use, your team may be able to send automated messages inviting website visitors to take part in online surveys shortly after completing purchase transactions.

This could include answering questions likeDid you find what you were looking for?” moments after shopping online!

Benefits Of Using Survey Emails

Benefits Of Using Survey Emails Free Survey Email Template & ExamplesSurvey Emails

Survey emails are a great way to get feedback from customers without spending time and money on survey tools.

Benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy response rate due to convenient format
  • Highly customizable options such as question type & demographic filters
  • Fast turnaround time for quick actionable insights

No extra hardware or software is needed!

Survey results can be filtered based on demographics like age range, geographical location and job title – helping businesses target specific audiences more precisely when designing new initiatives or campaigns.

This allows businesses to design initiatives and campaigns that are tailored to their target audience.

Types Of Questions For Surveys

Types Of Questions For Surveys Free Survey Email Template & Examples

Common question types include multiple choice questions (MCQs), rating scales, likert scale items and open-ended questions.

Multiple choice questions require respondents to select one option from several given answers as best fitting for their experience or opinion on a matter addressed by each question.

This provides control over input responses and forces specific choices rather than leaving potential data points open-ended.

The main benefit: you can easily analyze results & improve based on those

Rating scales measure levels of agreement between statement/fact against expectations/beliefs.

Likert Scale items evaluate qualitative perceptions like 'excellent service'.

Open Ended Questions let people respond freely without any limitations.

Image based questions using visuals help establish direct comparison between features too!

Crafting The Perfect Subject Line

Crafting The Perfect Subject Line Free Survey Email Template & ExamplesCraft the Perfect Subject Line

Crafting the perfect subject line for your survey emails is key to capturing attention.

Keep it short (40-50 characters max) and direct, using simple words instead of jargon.

Make sure it packs an emotional punch with curiosity gaps that leave unanswered questions but still convey their essence in a few words.

Highlight value or rewards like discounts/vouchers people get by completing surveys successfully.

Create urgency around topics!

How To Gather Relevant Information

How To Gather Relevant Information Free Survey Email Template & ExamplesGathering Relevant Information

Gathering relevant information is essential for survey emails.

Without the right data and insights, it's hard to get meaningful results or make effective decisions.

Here are tips on how to gather pertinent data from surveys:

Include Necessary Questions

  • Include all necessary questions in each email sent out - open-ended inquiries about their experience with a product/service and closed-ended numerical ratings (1-5 stars) of user satisfaction levels
  • Ask issues related directly to what you want feedback onlike customer service response times – so you can accurately represent customers' experiences

Use Multiple Techniques

Use multiple techniques to gain better insight into customers’ views without overwhelming them.

Instead of one standard method such as selecting ten options on a rating system...

Offer respondents alternatives by including:

  • quizzes
  • checkboxes
  • plain text comment sections
Comment boxes enable people to tell you what they like, freely, without any limitations

Focus on Specific Goals

Focus clearly upon specific sets goals related directly back onto whatever primary objective was set out beforehand.

It may also be beneficial to host focus groups to address targeted topics in much greater depth.

Try to keep the scope and relevance manageable with a well-structured accompanying narrative to explain the context behind the purpose of collecting particular types of information.

Ways To Increase Response Rates

Ways To Increase Response Rates Free Survey Email Template & ExamplesWrite a Clear Subject Line

A clear and concise subject line can help increase response rates for your survey email.

Explain the Purpose

Explain why recipients are receiving the message and how their feedback will help improve something.

Keep Questions Short

Keep questions short to avoid off-putting long surveys.

Plus, try incentives like discounts on products or services.

Leverage Social Media

Leverage social media platforms to quickly reach potential customers.

Experiment with Timing

Experiment with timing based on time zones.

Incorporate Game Elements

Incorporate game elements into surveys for increased success rate - people enjoy games!

Send Reminder Emails

Send several reminder emails at different intervals until you get a response.

Tips For Writing Effective Survey Questions

Send Reminder Emails Free Survey Email Template & ExamplesWriting effective survey questions is key to getting the data you need.

Here are tips for better surveys:

1. Be specific and provide multiple choice answers when possible (at least 4).

Avoid vague inquiries that can lead to inaccurate responses or misinterpretations of results.

2. Use direct language without exaggeration, colloquialisms, or irony - this will help respondents understand what they're being asked and complete it accurately each time around!

3. Be concise; people have limited attention spans online so keep your queries short but sweet-and get straight down into the most important questions.

4. Ask relevant & on topic questions

5. Include positive words in your survey questions – thank them for their time, and offer gifts or bonuses too!

Automated Reminders & Follow Ups With Surveys

Automated Reminders and Follow-Ups

Automated reminders and follow-ups with surveys are an efficient way to ensure respondents complete the survey.

This boosts response rates, essential for producing statistically valid results.

Automation eliminates manual intervention, saving time and effort, while demonstrating commitment to customers and improving their experience.

Reminder emails can be scheduled every day or week - be sure not to bombard people with too many emails!

Follow-up email sequences sent after someone has started taking part reinforce why they responded in the first place, increasing loyalty.

For example, if you improve your product, you can send a message to those who took part in the survey and explain what changes have been implemented as a result of their feedback.

These also come in handy when dealing with uncertain long-term schedules, since no one likes being reminded about pending work often!


Benefits include:

  • Eliminating manual efforts and speeding timelines
  • Building loyalty among respondents through follow-ups
  • Improving CX via timely notifications without intrusive bombardment
  • Enhancing validity and accuracy by increasing response rate
  • Strengthening relationships between companies and responders

What should be the subject line of a survey email?

It should clearly indicate that it is a survey and what the topic or purpose of the survey is.

How many questions should I include in my survey email?

Keep it short and sweet-no more than 10 questions to avoid overwhelming your respondents.

Should I incentivize people to complete my survey?

Offering an incentive can increase response rates, but make sure it's something relevant to your audience and doesn't bias their responses.

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